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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news.tonight at 11. a deadly shooting in oakland - two teenagers - shot, one - a 15-year-old girl id dead. the other a 14-year-old boy hurt. the gunman is on the loose - police are describing the killer as a teenager himself. for more details we send it over to philippe djegal. >> reporter: the oakland police is looking for a 13 year-old, 16 year-old, possibly wearing a red t- shirt. possibly carrying a handgun in oakland near 66 near the oakland coliseum.
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3:40 p.m. the family, friends were walking down a lion the way it near the it lying in the creek crossing apartment complex. life in lyon -- creek. this 14 year- old boy was taken to the hospital with a non-life threatening injuries. the 15 year-old girl died on the dc-9. they do not know if there is a relationship the fact that she died on the scene. for the fact that he did open fire? this investigation is still ongoing in oakland, fully to go, kron 4. >> tonight at eleven. secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized, with a blood clot. doctors say this is a medical problem related to a concussion she recently suffered. the blood clot was found today during a follow up medical visit. you may remember - 65-year- old clinton suffered a concussion several weeks ago after fainting while recovering from a stomach virus. she was supposed to return
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to work this week. >> three people - a couple, and young grand-child, killed in a san jose apartment fire. this evening - family members recounting the scary moments from last nights fire. kron 4's reggie kumar has more. >> this family and therefore year-old grand daughter died on the saturday night's fire. there-4 year-old granted daughter. this was in west san jose. they barely escaped the intense flames. they will never forget hearing her and screaming for help. her boyfriend quickly jumped into action. >> when i opened the door of a saw black smoke and fire. i heard my aunt scream and
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say something. everything happened so fast. >> i looked out the window. >> they love they remember her that she loved playing and she did not have the strength to talk to me. they are keeping watch on where she is now living in. >> she was wonderful, caring. >> i think that this was because every possible candle burning fahe.... >> expect some cool
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temperatures tonight. temperatures are going to plummet. look for the coldest readings with temperatures in the 20's. the east bay valleys, and even a 20's by the day. temperatures like this will be mid upper 20s. fairfield, 20's. below freezing in pleasanton, livermore. 30's by the bay. it is going to be a cold night again tonight which happens to be we receive. even we see-new year's. 30's and loved. i will talk more about the first couple of days. the 49ers --- nfc west champions for a second year in a row. they beat the arizona cardinals 27 - 13, in their final game of the regular
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season. the niners now looking ahead to the playoffs - and thanks to a loss by green bay - the team is getting a first round bye! as you can imagine - lots of excited fans around the bay area tonight. kron4's scott rates was on the side-lines for the big game - and has more. >> the fans are pumped up for the regular last game of the season. the 49ers it did not disappoint. they peck candlestick park to watch their regular last season came in. >> i thought was awesome! >> it was great. >> it is my first time being here and it was awesome. >> reporter: they quickly turned it around and the fans are ready for the playoffs. >> we've got the super bowl and getting there is a great thing. >> i think the 49ers are the number-one team in the n f l. and the forty-niners will
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get that first round bye with the green bay packers of losing today struck rates, kron 4 news. >> spot rate scott rates, kron regular season for the oakland raiders - but not as happy of an ending as for they lost to the san diego chargers 24-21 - a late just short. the raiders finish the season with a record of 4- an illegal street race goes off course. way off course when one car ends up in a look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> this was in an east bay funeral home from concord. phillipe djegal has morekron four's philippe djegal is in concord with what police say may have led up to the accident. >> reporter: police say it appears the damage here at the ouimet brothers concord funeral result of a street race. >> at this point we are still trying to cooperate to that and both drivers have
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been cooperative. we're still trying to corroborate the fax. >> reporter: just after one- 30 in the afternoon. the concord police respond to an emergency call of a chevy nova slamming into a building. turns out that building is this funeral home on the 41- hundred block of clayton road. the accident also happening during an active funeral. >> there was only one person that was injured in side of the funeral home. they were -- the single person was taken to a hospital. also, the driver and passenger were taken to a deal local hospital. ithere was a third vehicle also involve the was also believed to be a minor the was also taken to hospital. there was also a second vehicle involved. a ford escape. the driver. a minor as well. police say he was not injured. investigators say he is
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cooperating. police could not provide an the damage. but it is isolated to the street side of the building which has been boarded up. in concord, philippe djegal, kron four news. another attempt at a search has yet to be scheduled. donelson's family members >> more than two weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting rampage, adam lanza's body has been claimed for burial. that's according to the new york times. the paper wasn't able to learn from the state medical examiner who took him. on december 14th, lanza shot and killed 26 people, sandy hook elementary schoolbefore that massacre, lanza home nearby. police haven't given ait's the 11th hour and still no fiscal cliff deal on the table. when we return. we take a look at lawmakers final push to beat the new years deadline for a compromise. ♪
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another day gone and still no deal on the fiscal cliff. if nothing is done by midnight monday, mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in, impacting every american. senate majority leader harry reid says while negotiations are on-going, the senate will not vote on any plan this evening. elizabeth corridan is monitoring the situation from washington, d-c. >> reporter: >> as >> as we gather with so much, we need to guide our lawmakers with your wisdom. this evening. >> reporter: the senate will reconvene monday morning, at which point there will be just over 12-hours until the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff. the senate convened its rare
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sunday session with a prayer for progress. the house returned from its holiday hours until the u-s economy goes over what's being called the fiscal cliff - lawmakers are locked in a fierce face-off over a set hikes. "we're apart on some pretty big issues." " >> i'm willing to get this done, but i need a dance partner." >> reporter: on n-b-c's meet the press, president obama made a final pitch for his plan to preserve bush era tax cuts for everyone but the wealthiest americans. >> "regardless of partisan differences, our top sure that taxes on middle that would hurt our economy badly." >> reporter: a major sticking point continues to be the annual income level at which those tax increases should kick in. the threshold has wavered from 250-thousand dollars to as high as one-million dollars. republicans argue the country doesn't have a tax revenue problem, it has a spending problem. >> "unless we do something about spending, the government will continue to get bigger and the deficit will continue to get bigger." >> reporter: following the president's interview, speaker of the statement saying in part: "republicans made every effort to reach the 'balanced' deficit agreement that the president promised the american people.we've been reasonable and
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responsible. the president is the one who has never been able to get to 'yes.'" >> "what i ran on, and what the american people elected me to do, was to put forth a balanced approach." >> reporter: despite the on- going blame game, there is consensus on one thing: time is running out. i'm elizabeth corridan reporting. many people are unhappy that a long standing tradition is about to be a thing of the past in san francisco. parking meters will no longer be free on sundays starting in january. kron4's maureen kelly explains how the new parking enforcement plan will work. >> reporter: time is running out for free parking on sunday. starting january 6th the city's nearly 30-thousand meters will start accepting cash and days a week. on sundays meters will be enforced from noon to six p-m citywide.charging between 25 cents to five dollars and 75 cents an hour depending on where they are located. it's a new fact of urban life that's startling to those who like to run errands on what has traditionally been a day of rest.
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>> it is nice on the senate not to have to pay. although i do not drive that much. it is nice to -- on a sunday not to have to pay. >> reporter: it's also disappointing to those attending mass at st boniface in the tenderloin.where parking and money is tight. >> we are very multicultural, most of our parish jurors drive and do not have a lot of extra pocket change. >> reporter: but those attending events like church services won't have to leave the pews to order to feed the meter.because drivers will be able to pay to park for up to four hours at every meter.and drivers will be able to pre-pay in case their event starts before noon. sf mta's spokesman says their department expects to eventually collect close to 2 million dollars a year from this plan. but the money wasn't the big motivation. they are just trying to change with the times.when meters first went in.most businesses were closed on sunday but that's not the case anymore >> the lot of other major
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cities have gone to sunday leaders. it makes sense we're we'it makes sense where larger cities have gone to sunday parking meters a close. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. and it's been twelve months filled with stories of joy, sadness, grief, elation, and astonishment. we've said hello and some new faces, and goodbye to some familiar ones. let's take a look back at some of the top stories from 2012.
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>> touchdown. >> we want to be free, we want our freedom. >> this italian cruise ship capsized. >> nearly 23 percent unemployment. >> viral social media. >> this affordable care pact. >> legitimate rates? from the largest ipo. >> one article has the entire country talking. >> the president is saying that same sex and marriage is should be legal. >> we now know that the name of the theater shooting. >> this was a shooting in wisconsin. >> this is a shooting in new york city in front of the
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statue of liberty. >> >> assaults. >> jerry sandusky sentenced. >> bath salts--bath salts-- >> the joe paterno statue. >> that diamond to jubilee. >> prince william. >> isaac forcing changes. >> what to do you mean it shot up. >> four more years. >> christopher stephens and other embassy staff are dead. >> we will bring them to justice who created these murders. >> the impact of sandy. >> this path of destruction along the eastern is seaboard.
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>> we cannot secure this screen. >> and call me and maybe. matane imam. >> honey pupu. pam mt. ta >> tan mom. honey boo boo and the syrian uprise upset for at least 20 months >> 20 children dead at this connecticut school. six adults killed.
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>> all our heart goes out for the victims and their families. in the words of shropshire, made it blind their heart and heel of the open wound. >> on this sunday evening clear skies and cold temperatures. below freezing in the some of areas. i checked it is 48 many people are in the 30's. south san jose, 39 degrees, menlo park, in the upper 30's. concord, dublin, one of the coolest spots were as close to freezing. look for
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a cold night tonight with a cool start tomorrow sunshine but clouds will be increasing. there is a storm system at this point we will stay dry. new year's day a cold morning and temperatures the drop today. take a look these morning temperatures. getting down to below zero. plenty of sunshine, and snowfall, futurecast by midnight clear over northern california. clear skies in place and that will be the case as i mentioned for tomorrow. by 8:00 a.m., look for some scattered high clouds. by noon, those clouds will
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continue to increase. partly to mostly cloudy. these clouds will not have any rain chances. it is looking for new year's eve but is going to be cold. temperatures for tomorrow are going to reach the 40's and '50's. a chilly day from beginning to end. to stave we will see the new year with a sunshine. tuesday. we will see a new year with a sunshine. >> still to come. a baby is on the way for one hot hollywood couple. we reveal who just made the announcement hours ago. you can enjoy new year's eve
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from the comfort of your home. fireworks, new year's live beginning at 11:30
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for our last news of the night. people are a flutter over the kardashian clan taking to twitter to confirm reports that kim kardashian is pregnant! the father. none other than
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kanye west. west was actually the one at a concert in atlantic city. entertainment news outlets report that kim is 12 weeks along in her pregnancy.

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